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The following items are banned and can not be disposed of in containers or dumpsters: (you may be subject to additional handling fees if any of these items are found)
Paint:Paint and related toxic magterial
Batteries:Batteries used in motor vehicles
Propane Tanks:Propane Tanks
Whole Tires: Motor vehicle tires
Obvious Toxins:Toxins

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  • Keep the bin for a couple of days or we offer same day pickup.
  • When your finished loading just call us and we will come and take the bin for disposal
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Roll-Off Dumpster Rental PItt Meadows BC

Roll-Off Dumpster Rentals
Perfect for Demolition, Restoration, and Construction

Why months to get that trash and debris off of your lawn and out of your life? Call Skinny Bins® Pitt Meadows BC bin rental, disposal bins, garbage bins roll-off dumpsters Mini Bin Rentals today and let us help you get your neighborhood, house or business back to normal. .

Roll Off Containers and Roll Off Dumpster

Roll-off containers are very similar to dumpsters but definitely have some unique features. They are large containers that can contain from 10 to 35 cubic yards of waste material. Often used at construction and demolition sites they are perfect for removing tons of waste at a time. Roll off containers are normally transported by trucks equipped with arms to make loading the containers and delivery to proper location and much smaller areas easeier.

Choosing the right container size that will fit your job is a very important task. Though it is not always the case, you generally will want to invest in a roll-off container that is a size larger than you think you will need.

Key Factors in Roll Off Container Rental

1. How heavy is the disposal material?
2. What is the volume the material will take up once in the container?

Items that are light but will take up a fair amount of volume in the container are more suited for taller receptacles. In these cases you may want to think about getting a container with taller dimensions. The light weight of the material coupled with the increased storage capacity will provide for easy and efficient disposal. Some of these types of material may include:

- Carpet
- Wood
- Drywall

Other material may be heavier but take up a smaller volume of the roll off container. In these cases a shorter height container would be conducive to providing an easier disposal process because of the increased weight constraints. The material generally will condense once inside.

Some examples are:

- Concrete
- Rock
- Dirt

Prompt delivery and pick up!

We drop off our containers to your house or business You fill them, call us, and we pick up. No Problem!

Perfect for roof repairs, trash pick up, demolition, restoration or construction.

No job is too big or too small

Skinny Bins® Pitt Meadows BC bin rental, disposal bins, garbage bins roll-off dumpsters Mini Bin Rentals is a locally owned and operated roll-off dumpster service. We provide service during the entire removal and restoration process. When your container becomes full, just call us and we'll either pick up the container or bring you a fresh empty one.

Mini Bin Rentals

Perfect for Demolition, Restoration, Construction

- No job is too big or too small.
- Low-profile containers are the perfect size for home clean-up or commercial use.
- Prompt delivery and pick-up.
- Perfect for roof repairs, trash pick-up, demolition, restoration or construction.
- Share with a neighbor.

#1 choice for disposal bins, dumpsters, and bin rentals. Our self service is an economical way to get rid of large amounts of junk and perfect for the do-it yourselfer.
- Ideal for small or large projects. They are available in four convenient sizes (10, 15, 20, 30 and 35 cubic yard dumpsters)
- Easy to load. You do not have to be a body builder to use this service. They have walk-in access and low walls.

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"Skinny" bins fit into narrow spaces, alleys and driveways!

container sizes are approximate:
- 10 Yard Container 15' X 6' X 3'
- 15 Yard Container 16'X 6.5' X 4'
- 20 Yard Container 17' X 6.5' X 5'
- 30 Yard Container 18' X 8' X 6'
- 35 Yard Container 19' X 8.25' X 6.25'

Container sizes to fit your disposal needs.

We accept:
visa mastercord construction dumpster
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